Betting Through the Point Spread Barrier


When most sports bettors handicap games with so much information overload, they lose sight of the overall direction of the game. The statistical parts are constantly used to find some relevant edge but can be a misleading group of numbers and percentages that leads to an assumption of faulty speculation. Bettors should treat statistical information […]

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The Home Field Advantage: Keys to NFL Betting

It is no secret that home field advantage plays a major role in all forms of sport. Roaring stadiums do well to ignite a hometown team. In the NFL alone, when a team plays at home, they win 57.5% of their games by an average of 2.64 points. However, indiscriminately betting on the home team […]

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Avoid these Common Sports Betting Mistakes


Using profitable betting systems, various prop betting opportunities and other tools for making percentage bets is part of the trade. However, there are still many bettors repeating the same mistakes. Even bettors who can win at the 52.38% ATS rate needed to overcome the -110 juice at most sportsbooks often see their bankrolls dwindle due […]

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How to Bet the NFL Preseason

After the Cardinals and Cowboys duked it out in grand fashion last week, the league is set to begin its regular schedule of preseason games on Wednesday. The action kicks off at 6:30 with the Houston Texans traveling to the Carolina Panthers. But who really cares? Preseason games count for nothing. Starters play for a couple possessions; a […]

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