“Pretty Damn Amazing”

Thank u and your team for their hard work on the sports data for the sports analytics simulator. The data is pretty Damn amazing.
– Joe N.

“I Really Liked What I Saw”

I ordered the NBA betting analyzer last night and really liked what I saw. By the way, I love how you have made this so affordable for the beginning investors with smaller bankrolls!!
– Joe W.

“The Simulator Is The Real Thing”

I feel sorry for those that did not get on board. First the FABULOUS NFL season,then a good season wagering NBA picks. WOW! was I in the right place at the right time when I met you. Maybe you should call it the Stimulator because my juices really get flowing around 3:30 P.M. when I get my picks from this fabulous tool.

I have this daughter that I would like to introduce to you…just kidding but I am so grateful for all that your “tools” have done for me and my wife. Thank you a million times. Just when I was about to lose faith in all humanity along comes the Simulator. I don’t want to sound like an idiot but you and your picks for the NFL, NBA, etc have drastically changed my life.

This old time long time sports fan is having the ride of a lifetime.
– Joseph P.

“Like Printing Money”

This NBA Simulator is like printing money.
Jack H.

“Honest Reporting Of Results”

I appreciate the honest reporting of results rather than the usual spin and bluster most come out with when results don’t go as hoped. Very good service, well done!
– Steve P.

“Keep Up The Good Work!”

So far THE Simulator has been AWESOME! It’s greed and little patience that kills the average sports bettor. Realistically there’s going to be a loss somewhere down the road. But in the long run we’ll come out ahead. Keep up the good work!
– RP G.

“I’m Glad I Made The Purchase”

Your selections are great, really. I’m glad I made the purchase, doing really well since. Thank you again.
– Derwin P.

“For Once I’ve Paid For Something of REAL Value”

I just want to thank you for this service. For once it seems that I have paid for something of real value. I really appreciate your winning picks and all the information. Thank you for this service and the fact that you are really honest about your work and your offering. Believe me, I can use all the help I can get. Thanks again.
– Larry D.

“Anyone Not Following You is Gambling”

You are right… investment. Your simulator has changed my financial life for the better. Thank you very much. Anyone not following you and using the simulator is gambling. Thanks again and best regards.
– Shawn H.

“Best Service I Have Come Across..”

This has to be the best service I have come across in many years, so looking forward to following you throughout the year.
– John A.