How the Betting Public Can Affect Results

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The results of sporting events cannot be known in advance unless you have a crystal ball. The betting public generally provides an accurate assessment of the respective probabilities of the results. Odds become more accurate from the betting public shaping a bookmaker’s opening line and exposing it to public appraisal. The value of the line […]

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Record These Simple NFL Betting Statistics


Sports betting statistics are the revolving moving parts in a large competitive cycle of calculating performance and timely predictions. Stats can be the measuring stick to support your betting knowledge and success Betting the NFL favorites is what the general betting public does about 60% of the time. How to bet on NFL games is […]

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Are The Chiefs Still A Solid Bet After Eric Berry’s Injury?

The defending AFC West champs dealt a significant blow to the defending Super Bowl champs in week 1, and the fates dealt one right back. Star safety Eric Berry ruptured his achilles in the fourth quarter, and was placed on injured reserve the following day. Nonetheless, the Chiefs beat a -4.5 point spread en route […]

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