Simulator FAQ’s

Q: How do I get the picks produced by the Sports Analytics Simulator?

A: All plays are accessible through your log-in. Simulations are run every half hour. We will include the line that we are using with the play. Since we are not a ‘sharp’ or line-chasing service we do not anticipate heavy line movement in the immediate aftermath of our selections being released, but many factors can influence a pointspread change. That is why we still recommend you take a look for the most recent selections before placing your bets. Any line changes could affect the play on a particular game. So if we give out the favorite -3 and the game moves to -4.5, in that time the play could switch to the Underdog. So be sure to check the picks for the latest selections before making your final bet.

Q: How does the Simulator work?

A: We created algorithms that go through many possible data inputs (data inputs is just another way of saying stats) and determine just the right ones to select to create the best model possible. Our algorithms provide intelligent combinations to come up with the predictions on how the games are going to play out. The Simulator runs through BILLIONS of combinations twice a day.

For a full description and much more detail about how the Simulator works please visit:

Q: Why don’t you start giving out picks the first game of the season?

A: Unlike other products, the Simulator does not rely exclusively on historical data. That is one factor taken into account, but there are so many differences from one season to the next: rule changes, coaching changes, personnel changes, etc. – that it’s imperative to collect data from the current season to ensure the most accurate model possible. This continues for the entire season – as soon as any game goes final the data is imported into the Simulator and is incorporated into the next model.

Q: So when do picks officially start?

A: That depends on the sport. We need a data sample from the current season to run the model on before we can stand behind the results. So official picks from the Simulator begin: NFL & College football – Official picks begin Week 5 of the season. NBA, College basketball & NHL – Official picks begin after 3 weeks of the season have been completed. MLB – Official picks begin after the first 2 weeks of the season have been completed.

Q: What is the best way to use the picks?

A: The model is built using the entire league for each sport. Therefore, for the best accuracy you must bet every game. Picking and choosing games ‘hurts’ the model since it trains on every team possible. The results we share are based on picking EVERY game. To use the Simulator properly you should be spreading your betting bankroll evenly across each game (we recommend betting 2% on each game). That being said: every game is run through the model so we stand behind every pick given.

Q: Why don’t you give out playoff picks for NBA, MLB and NHL?

A: We avoid giving out picks for playoff series (where the same two teams play against each other for up to 5 or 7 games) for NBA, NHL and MLB. The way the model works once it locks in on a team for Game 1 it would be difficult to change sides from game-to-game. For NFL playoffs and college football bowl season you will receive picks right through to the Super Bowl/National Championship.

Q: What if the spread on a game has changed since I looked at the picks?

A: If the spread changes, so does the model. Our models do not predict scores of games, they simply predict if a team will cover the spread or not. For that reason you should check the Simulator at the time you are ready to put your bets in.

Q: How do you come up with the final stats that end up as the ones used for the model picks?

A: The model looks at each individual game’s stats (at a team level) and learns based off that. Then we take the average stats for each team across the entire season. Those are then used to make our predictions.

Q: You say the Simulator is based on neural networks which are powerful tools used to model complex mathematical relationships – are neural nets used elsewhere?

A: Certainly! They are used in all sorts of industries: Financial, Defense, Healthcare, Sports, Chemistry, Manufacturing, etc.

General FAQ’s

Q: How Do I Become A Member?

A: Please visit our Packages page. ( There you can choose from the various options we have.

Q: How much do you recommend betting on each game?

A: We recommend between 2% of your betting bankroll on each game. Once you have doubled your bankroll, then you can change your bet amount. Even with the best betting systems there are inevitable cold streaks. By lessening your exposure you are able to withstand the down times and not miss out when your picks are on the upswing.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: Simply log in to your membership account at and click the subscription tab. From there you’ll be able to view any subscriptions you currently have and you can click the Cancel button or change your payment method.

Canceling with your credit card company will NOT automatically stop payment – you must cancel from within the Sports Analytics Simulator site. However, if you Cancel from within our site you do not need to additionally follow up with your credit card company – you will not be billed again.

All our packages come with a 7-day 100% risk-free trial. You can get a full refund at any point within the first 7 days. No refunds are offered after the first week.

Q: How do I contact Sports Analytics Simulator?

A: If you have any questions at all please email us at and one of our customer care team members will reply to you within 24 hours.