NCAAF ATS Record (Year-To-Date)

2017-2018NCAAF Bowl Season48.5%
2016-2017NCAAF Bowl Season66.7%

Making NCAAF Picks

In the age of computers, even college sports can provide bettors a professional and accessible betting experience. Like any other major sport, smartphones and tablets are making it easier than ever for fans and professional bettors to choose their NCAAF picks. With so much information and opportunity in the bettor’s hands, choosing solid and informed NCAAF picks has never been easier. And as technology and accessibility improve, so too will the accuracy of computer predictive models like the Sports Analytics Simulator.

With the Sports Analytics Simulator, we’ve created algorithms that cycle through tons of data inputs and determine just the right ones to create the best possible model for generating solid NCAAF picks. The Simulator literally runs through billions of combinations of advanced statistics throughout the day to create selections we feel will bring you success in your betting ventures.

Even as the NCAA has continually resisted many of the major changes taking effect in the realm of professional sports—including the evolution of data technologies and the SCOTUS overturning the ban on betting. With the ban lifted, whether the NCAA likes it or not, the sport will only increase in popularity—and with it, betting fare. After all, bowl games are inherently ripe for the picking of solid, successful, and exciting NCAAF picks and betting opportunities. As computers evolve and the NCAA finds ways to adapt to this post-prohibition world of sports betting, your NCAAF picks will only reap the benefits. Of course, that’s no excuse to sit back and wait for a computer to do the work. Ultimately it is up to you, the bettor, to seek out solid information, process what’s available, relying on your own instincts, logic and research to find the edge at the sportsbook window. Fortunately for you, progress is on your side and the future of NCAA betting looks brighter than ever.

So bookmark this page, and stay tuned as we provide up-to-date records of our Simulator’s NCAAF picks success. Good luck and stay sharp.

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