How does one get started in the very broad business of “sports analytics”?

Like most everything else, we didn’t plan it this way!

Our core competency has always been tied to integrating and aggregating big, ugly data. This includes the use of enterprise data architecting to build the data infrastructure required when solving client problems. On the analytics side, we specialize in advanced or predictive analytics and have broad-based expertise and experience in the field of operations research (O.R.).

This core capability in O.R., coupled with an ability to visualize and communicate results, gives us a competitive advantage in the sports betting space.

Our organization’s members hold various degrees: Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Psychology, Masters degrees in Operations Research and PhDs in Operations Research.

Through the years our team has highlighted a number of areas where analytics could be leveraged in the sports domain. More importantly, they recognized the limited use of advanced analytics from the O.R. discipline, which could quickly be adapted to solve many problems in sports.

We have spent more than 5 years committed to expanding our foothold in the sports betting domain. Our core capabilities in operations research, and passion to bring advanced analytics to the sports betting industry has kept us moving forward at all times.