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Making NFL Picks

The future has arrived. The landscape of NFL betting has changed significantly in the past decade. With a touch of your smartphone, you can now access live, up-to-the-second computer predictions running off a constant feed of NFL player/team statistics and information to make your NFL picks. With so much technological power at your fingertips it’s almost impossible to justify betting with your emotions and personal biases these days. Machines with greater processing power than the human mind are able to take in loads of constantly changing information, swirl that data around in their “brains,” and perform calculations to conjure multiple scenarios at superhuman speeds. In the case of sports betting, this has proven immeasurably helpful. And of course, computer predictive models have become the industry standard in providing accurate, objective, and statistics-based NFL picks.

In the past, picking NFL winners against the spread has been a difficult task. Bettors have had to seek out necessary information such as team play in specific weather patterns and shifting lines in order to make informed wages. Capitalizing on this need in the business of making NFL picks, professional handicappers have thrived for years on selling their information to amateur bettors. The other option has been to seek it out on one’s own, digging through tons of dry stats to properly handicap your bets. Now, though, computers are doing the work for us, at least on the back end. The ones building the computers are still responsible for the algorithmic formulas that generate reliable NFL picks. In other words, a strong prediction model depends ultimately on the depth of information the computer receives. Taking into account a number of complex factors and forces, bettors are able to rely more heavily on these machines to inform their wagering decisions.

With the Sports Analytics Simulator, we’ve created algorithms that cycle through these data inputs and determine just the right ones to create the best possible model. The Simulator literally runs through billions of combinations of advanced statistics throughout the day to create NFL picks we feel will bring you success in your betting ventures. Of course, the work of informed betting does not end with subscribing to a solid predictive model like our Simulator. Ultimately it is up to you, the bettor, to incorporate the information a computer provides, swirl that data around in your brain the same way it does, and use your own instincts, your own logic and research to find the edge at the sportsbook window. The future has arrived. It is just a question of how you intend to use it.

So bookmark this page, and stay tuned as we provide up-to-date records of our Simulator’s NFL picks success. Good luck and stay sharp.

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