Can I Find Better Data Results for NFL, NBA and College Football

The sports betting business is a challenge and opportunity mixed together with the best data available. The ratio changes over time, mostly starting with challenges that gradually transform into betting opportunities. Can you find better data results for NFL, NBA and college football for a long term investment. How the best data needed for betting […]

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Can I Learn How to Bet on NFL, MLB and NBA Betting Trends

How to look for profitable betting trends A handicapper gets information from numerous sources and assigns weights and values to the wagering data. They will make their own power ranking and predict what the point spread should be without looking at the official line. They compare their predictions to the line to look for discrepancies. […]

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Should I Use Live Betting After the Game Has Started

Betting your NFL, NBA or MLB picks after the game has started is a betting strategy that can earn high profits. How to find a middle is a difficult bet and not readily available except when done through online live betting. Casino sportsbooks post an option called in-play or in-running which is the same as […]

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