Do I Need Live Betting for In Game Profits

Betting the middle is a betting strategy that can earn high profits without high risk. How to find a middle is a difficult bet and not readily available except when done through live betting. Casino sportsbooks post an option called in-play or in-running which is the same as live betting. However, the best live betting format is the online off-shore betting markets.

Betting the live action

Live betting is a more valid betting tool than finding a middle by shopping for lines. Your NFL picks or NBA picks are a static number you are stuck with after the game starts. You might find a one point middle but an unlikely winner. Live betting is an adjustment tool as your game pick moves ahead of your prediction. Use live betting as a hedge to improve your changes or limit your perceived losses.

A novice bettor can learn what to look for but it requires intermediate-level sports betting knowledge. Average bettors can uncover a middle if they know a little math to support the profit or loss ratio.

Middling can be a great way to earn major profits with little risk. Would you risk a small loss of $10 on a $100 bet. Anybody would risk $10 to win $200. That is the profit loss ratio with a $100 bet on both sides in the same game. If the final score falls in the middle, you win both ways. However, if one side lands on a push to tie at one end, you would still win $100.

Super Bowl X111 — Black Sunday

You do not need a 2 or 3 point swing for middling to work. A famous example of the middle paying off huge was Super Bowl XIII. In that title game, Pittsburgh faced Dallas and the Steelers opened up as – 3.5-point favorites. Later in the week, the line shifted to -4.5 in favor of the Steelers. Anyone looking to middle bet Pittsburgh at -3.5 and Dallas at +4.5, needed a four-point Steelers victory to win both bets.

The final score was Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31. Anyone lucky enough to spot the middle in that famous game pocketed some serious cash. Most sportsbooks suffered one of the worst days in their history as bettors on both sides were winners. The books prediction was the correct point spread, but it was too good. Live betting was not in existence.

A little gap gap between the opening line and closing line usually ranges from one-half point up to 2 points. Finding and betting a middle is a very hard exact number to land on in any sport. It is not a worthwhile betting strategy unless you are familiar and use the live online betting options.

Live betting is born

Live betting is the latest wagering option available at many sportsbooks. Those books that do not have live betting simply do not have the resources. Software technology is capable of handling the constant updating of numbers. Better system software is required to keep up with the fast pace of the different sporting events covered.

A good data base analytic system is needed for pre-game analysis. Once the game starts, live betting is fast paced without time for comparisons. A handicapping plan is necessary to move in the right direction when the numbers are right during live betting.

Online live betting is exactly what it sounds like and continues from the start of the event until later in a game. Bettors are offered a number of different and exciting ways to get action from sides to totals to props.

Different In-Game Wagering Opportunities

Some call live betting ‘in-play’ because you are actively wagering on an event while playing. In football, you cannot bet on a game after kickoff until halftime unless the sportsbook offers live NFL betting.

One example of an ‘in-play’ wagering opportunity involves the favorite at -10 giving up a touchdown in the first quarter. The live bet would then post a new line on the favorite at -4. A favorite could even turn into an underdog in live betting depending on the opening line and game scoring. Your NFL pick can go from a favorite to a dog where you can get a nice money middle.

Other ‘in-play’ opportunities include totals that are adjusted within the game depending on the amount of scoring. If there is no scoring in the first quarter, a total that closed at 43 might be offered later ‘in-play’ at 31 because a lower score is now expected. An under 43 bet when the game started can become a middle of 12 points if you live bet at over 31 points.

Any total final score between 31 and 43 is a winner on both bets. Any score outside the middle numbers is a small loss of $10 when laying -110 on both bets. Props are also occasionally made available ‘in-play’ at some books, where you can wager on whether a drive in a football game will lead to a touchdown, field goal, punt or turnover.

Predicting Momentum Changes During the Game

The bottom line with live betting is being able to predict momentum swings within a game or event before they happen. Timing is everything, and getting the right price at the right time will determine the best hedge for profits. Just remember that many oddsmakers use computer algorithms working for them when they set the live betting lines.

No program is perfect and can accurately project results when the human aspect is not part of the software program. By watching the action closely, you will find an edge and hedge your bets.

Live Betting continues to become a much bigger opportunity in the United States featuring more unique sports betting options. Europeans made it popular with soccer and the interest in handicapping and profiting from it continues to grow with online betting. Their spread betting platform offers variable sports betting wager options.

Live betting opportunities

Like any wagering options, there will always be ways to effectively break down the numbers. Live betting is no different and can be more beatable and profitable. Can you accurately predict what will happen next over a shorter period within the game. Oddsmakers can only do so much. Setting live betting lines and following every play of every game in order to make the perfect number is difficult.

It is fairly common for the better team to get behind early and still come back to win. The moneyline bet is a better live betting option with no point spread but large shifting money odds. Turnovers and big plays have a big immediate effect on odds. You can lock in your bets with live betting when you find and wager on each team getting plus money odds.

Sportsbooks have a small limited live “in-play” betting option on very few teams playing —- virtually no edge to look for. The books are more interested in standard bets and half-time wagers. Why would they give the bettor an edge with live betting like the online accounts. They promote their “in-play” betting but is not worth your time. The best way to bet live betting is having an online off-shore account.

Live Betting is a Trading Market and Needs Online Computer Access

Live betting is only effective as the tools at your disposal. Off-shore online betting accounts have the best opportunities to play the live betting markets. With fast internet access, you are able to focus on your computer monitor the offers for live betting.

There is no waiting in line at a sportsbook where a live bet can be off the board quickly. Off-shore books give you plenty of options for live betting during the games. It is easier to decide your play and click on your computer to bet. When you see the odds change in your favor you can lock in profits or find your best hedge.

A moneyline favorite of -150 can become an underdog at +130 if the dog scores first with a touchdown. Live betting works with most sports and is a moving target. You will hit the target when you find a reversal of money odds in the same game.

Lock in profits

If you can get a plus ML on two teams playing each other, you cannot lose! Based on a $100 bet, you can either make $30, $40 or more on the winning team. Sure, you don`t make as much money as you wanted but why turn down a sure thing — no risk and guaranteed profit. There is no vigorish to pay on a plus moneyline loss.

When in doubt, wait for the game to start and get a better feel. Watch odds changing during the live betting posts that update frequently. It is a fast paced process with changing numbers after an interception, fumble or big play. Be ready to place your live bet when you get your number. Remember, this is an optional tool to use if you want the excess action. If you are confident with your game bet, sit back and root home a winner.

Process your NFL or NBA picks with live option

Betting your NFL picks with live option can be a little more stimulating than a straight bet before the game starts. You usually sit through the agony or the joy of watching your team perform. You have no options unless you use the live betting format available — very limited at most sportsbooks. Half-time betting is OK but those numbers are usually pretty sharp and expensive.

Betting on the NFL is a selective choice. Live betting allows you to limit your losses if your NFL pick is not going your way. You can bail out of your position and cut your expected losses by 50% or more. When you bet a game on the under and a special teams quick touchdown can give you ulcers.

Wait for a decent live number and go over even if the scoring stops. Your under bet is too risky to wait on. Get out while you can without much damage. Move on to another game day and limit your bad decisions. It happens to all of us. Learning to use online live betting is your best option for profits. Live betting will be the key to better control of your money.