Finding the Best Data Results for NFL, NBA and MLB Betting

How the best data needed for betting the NFL, NBA and MLB is more available than just a few years ago The sports betting business is a challenge and opportunity mixed together with the best data available and a little luck along the way. The ratio changes over time, mostly starting with challenges that gradually […]

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DraftKings Prepares Shift Towards Sports Betting

Just how much could the Supreme Court’s ruling alter the sports betting landscape in America? One major player isn’t waiting to find out. That player is DraftKings.  DraftKings is a Boston-based fantasy sports giant that allows its users to make money from daily and weekly fantasy sports contests. As of April 2016 the majority of U.S. states consider fantasy sports (including […]

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The NCAA and the Legalization of American Sports Betting

As the battle for legitimization of the sports betting industry rages with New Jersey’s Christie vs NCAA, it’s hard for the general public to predict where things will end up. Earlier this week, the nation’s highest court announced it would be issuing decisions on Wednesday morning. Well, Wednesday came and went without so much as […]

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