How the Betting Public Can Affect Results

The results of sporting events cannot be known in advance unless you have a crystal ball. The betting public generally provides an accurate assessment of the respective probabilities of the results. Odds become more accurate from the betting public shaping a bookmaker’s opening line and exposing it to public appraisal. The value of the line […]

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Record These Simple NFL Betting Statistics

Sports betting statistics are the revolving moving parts in a large competitive cycle of calculating performance and timely predictions. Stats can be the measuring stick to support your betting knowledge and success Betting the NFL favorites is what the general betting public does about 60% of the time. How to bet on NFL games is […]

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Is Your Sports Betting Entertainment or to Make a Living

Although some bettors bet for fun and entertainment purposes, there are plenty out there that want to make a living from betting. Anyone serious about betting knows that it takes time and dedication to become a professional bettor. Building expert knowledge of a sport and gathering enough funds to invest in betting full-time is merely the […]

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