Turn Your NFL, NBA, NCAA Picks into a Profitable Skill Set

Sports handicapping is a unique and engaging subject. With many variables involved, it is a skill that usually takes a long time to fully master. You can not master it quickly but understanding the basics is a lesson in simple mathematics and value. How to turn your NFL, NBA and NCAA picks into a profitable skill set is to master the sports betting essential skills into an ongoing education.

Handicapping the market is about trying to identify betting opportunities that have a positive expected value. Wagers with positive expected value are said to be “+EV” and profitable over time. Although successful sports handicapping is not easy and not always profitable, it is a process of elimination and comparing value along with betting trends

There is no definitive way to handicap sports betting markets. It is not an exact science by any means with several different approaches that can be used. Sports handicapping is difficult to teach. Learning through experience the essential skills with some degree of trial and error is the best way to comprehend the differences between winning and losing.

What is bankroll management

Bankroll management is being sensible with your money. It is quite straightforward to practice good bankroll management, but many bettors neglect to practice discipline. You do not want to make the same mistake. If you do not manage your money correctly, you will not profit consistently and likely end up broke. Many bettors fail because they did not protect their bankroll. They can pick winners but neglect good money management skills. The key to good bankroll management is setting specific guidelines for your bet amount and being disciplined enough to stick to those guidelines.

The basic concept of bankroll management is to allocate a certain sum of money to bet with and keep separate from your living expenses. This sum of money is your bankroll, and should be used solely for the purposes of betting. You can add more money to it if needed and take money out if you want, but at any given time you should have a fixed bankroll in place. Betting the NFL or NBA betting happens over time. Bending a bankroll does happen but do not break your bankroll.

Once you know how much money you have to bet with, you can then manage that money in an appropriate way. Bankroll management is defining and following rules about what percentage of your bankroll to risk for any wager you place. There is no single correct way to define these rules and it depends on a number of factors. The amount you stake should always be directly influenced by the size of your bankroll. There are some general principles you should use when deciding how to manage your bankroll.

Understand why bankroll management is so important and necessary for long run success.

There is a lot more to being successful than simply picking winners. This is mentioned often because it is such an important point that many bettors fail to really grasp. There is a common assumption that picking winners with some degree of frequency is the path to riches.

You will win money picking winners, but no one can accurately predict the outcome of sports events all of the time. Even the very best bettors in the world lose a percentage of their bets and most of them will experience bad runs from time to time. The risk of a bad run is a major reason why money management, or bankroll management, is so important. Bankroll management is an important  skill set to make money from sports betting. It should be a consideration even if you are just betting for fun.

The four key reasons why good bankroll management is essential for your success includes the following :

  • It helps you remain disciplined
  • It stops you from going bust
  • It enables you to manage risk
  • It determines your true success rate

Remaining disciplined gives you a big advantage in sports betting. There have been countless bettors throughout time who have been very good at picking winners, but failed to find consistent success due to a lack of discipline. Common mistakes caused by a lack of discipline include chasing losses during bad runs, staking too much and taking unnecessary risks.

Good bankroll management won’t necessarily stop you from making these mistakes but it will certainly make it easier to avoid them. With a defined set of rules in place, you are less likely to damage your action or go bust. This is a great way to manage your exposure to risk, which is important regardless of your overall betting style. Even if you like to take big risks, you still need to manage those risks.

Bankroll management helps you to determine your true success rate because keeping your stake levels uniform to some degree means you can accurately analyze just how well you are doing. If you are betting all kinds of different amounts on a random basis, your results can be skewed by one big win or one big loss.

Good bankroll management will basically help you to make good decisions. It should really improve your overall chances of making money and stop you from losing too much. The best piece of advice for bankroll management is use it. There really is no excuse for not managing your money properly, because it is not difficult. There are a couple of basic principles that you should utilize.

Your bankroll should only consist of money you are prepared to lose

If you are betting with “scared” money that you can not afford to lose, you will certainly make bad decisions. This is really the main point of having a bankroll as a tool to make money. It should be kept separate from any of your other money.

You should also very clearly define the rules about how much you are going to stake on any given wager. The exact rules are ultimately your choice, but consider the level of risk you are comfortable with and what goals you are trying to achieve. A good guideline is to stake somewhere between 3% and 5% of your total bankroll on a single wager.

The best way to define a set of rules for managing your bankroll is to use a staking plan There are several different plans you can use, each of which has its own pros and cons. You should ideally learn a little bit about the different options, and then choose the plan that you feel is more suitable.

Emotional control and discipline

For many sports bettors gambling is appealing because of the emotional highs and lows it brings. Obviously the highs are far more enjoyable than the lows but losing is part of the game and needs to be accepted as a learning curve. The enjoyment from riding the emotional roller coaster that gambling can represent can also be a bitter pill to swallow. You are likely to do much better as a sports bettor if you are able to remove the emotion. Successful betting is all about making rational decisions and that is very difficult if you can not control your emotions.

What sets successful bettors apart from losing bettors is their ability to maintain discipline and control their emotions. These are things that the average bettor pays very little attention to until they freak out over a losing bet on a last minute unlikely score. They get upset and fail to accept losses and move on to another opportunity. Experienced bettors know there is no way around losing bets, but learn how to balance their emotions with better decisions and patience.

Confidence building

It is not easy to develop winning betting strategies, but is certainly possible. Even the best strategies will result in some losing bets. It can be hard to stick with something that is not generating an immediate return which is why confidence is so important in betting. If you do not have faith in your own NFL picks, you will end up second guessing every decision you make.

Once you have decided upon your approach to betting, you have to stick with it for a while. Do you want to stay with favorites or underdogs. You should never automatically assume that you are doing something wrong. Have some self-belief and trust that you are making the right decisions for the right reasons. NFL betting trends are good reasons to support your NFL picks.

Over confidence can be just as damaging as a lack of confidence. If you have too much self-belief you may continue with a losing strategy and blaming bad luck rather than bad decisions. Analyzing what is wrong and why is a great learning tool. Getting the right balance of confidence is difficult. You have to be able to deal with a few losses and making mistakes. It happens to everyone but how you react is the key to success.

A good way to strike the right balance is to spend time analyzing the bets you are making and their results. Set some kind of loss limit to keep yourself in check. Discipline and patience are your best weapons to use against any losing streak. Remember the old cliche that sometimes ” the best bet is no bet “. There will always be another game tomorrow or next week. It never goes away, so you can decide to wait for better opportunities.