Sports Betting Strategies that are Handicapping Tools

Handicapping tools are part of the sports betting industry for most bettors who need an analytic method to lead to a sound wager. These tools have been used for many years to uncover the right percentage play. Bettors hope to find a trend that coincides with these sports betting strategies.

  • Betting Against the Public

Betting against the public is one of the most popular and simplest methods used by bettors to maximize value in the sports betting marketplace. Also known as contrarian betting, it shows where most of the public bettors are risking their money on those games that have more hype and a larger betting handle. When a sportsbook reports percentage amounts of 70% or 80% betting on one team, public perception is following the herd mentality.

A big overlay on a team starts to bring in smart money to bet against (contrary) the public perception and for the underdog getting extra points for more value.

  • Reverse-Line Movement

Shows how analyzing betting trend data and line movement can help you identify which games the sharp money (wagers placed by sharps, wiseguys or betting syndicates) is taking. Reverse line movement refers to a betting line movement that is the “reverse” of betting public percentages. When a larger percentage is on one team, the underdog line goes down a point or two. This happens when a public betting team is getting 70% or more of the action and very big smart money grabs the dog to cause a quick shift down and indicates part of the contrarian betting method.

  • Major Line Moves

Major line move analysis explains how to interpret line moves across the sports betting marketplace in order to find value. This strategy show a hot game on the board that is getting heavy action for no apparent reason. However, there is a consensus of opinion that the line is weak and ready to exploit. The team and its spread starts moving up a point or two and bettors jump on the bandwagon. A major move can jump to  -3 from a pickem opening line very quickly or stay at a -1 right up to game time, when it moves to a -3 or -4.

The major line move is usually a tip off that some big wagers are moving the line more than the usual half point which has its reasons — somebody knows something and you should follow along this betting trail.

  • Shopping for the Best Line

Shopping for the best possible number is an effective way to improve your winning percentage over the course of an entire season. Those one-half point losses add up over the season. The method of shopping the best lines is easier for online bettors than running around to sportsbooks looking for better numbers unless you have contacts in place to call.

  • Mobile Smartphone Betting Account

Technology has changed the sports betting landscape in many good ways. Mobile betting accounts are only legal in Nevada for now but will be a future handicapping tool when more states open up to legalized sports betting. Las Vegas books report that up to 40% of the betting wagers are placed through their mobile betting application platform. You can shop for better lines with mobile, get your bet in on time, no waiting in long lines, view stats and updates and get a variety of other tools necessary for smart decisions in a timely manner.

A betting strategy for your handicapping needs can only support your success when the time and effort is extended for the decision making process. Mobile betting is not a strategy but allows you more flexibility and options to stay connected to the most important and latest information.