Do I Need to Start Betting College Basketball Totals

Should I start making college basketball picks With the start of the NCAA basketball season in November, sports bettors instantly have hundreds of new wagering opportunities. But prior to betting, you need to set up an account with at least one online sports book. If you want to wager over the Internet, off-shore sports books […]

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Your NFL Betting Picks Represent a Huge Entertainment Market Share

Sports betting is a growth industry. The amount of money wagered on sports has increased over the years to new heights. Total bets set new records each year. NFL betting along with NCAAF and NBA betting is more for entertainment purposes than profits since most bettors lose over the season. Your NFL picks are part […]

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All Sports Betting Picks Will Surpass a Trillion Dollar Handle

In May 2015, Nevada sports books monthly handle (gross revenue) set a monthly handle record of $295 million in bets. This is close to three straight years of month-to-month increased revenue for the books. It is estimated Las Vegas will surpass $5 billion in handle in 2017. In 2006, the industry brought in about $2.7 […]

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