Advantages of European Style Sports Betting

European style of sports betting is known as spread betting. The spread number is different than the spread or line number we use in the US. The US point spread is referred to as fixed odds, where one fixed number is used for the favorite or underdog. The point spread will move up or down depending on the money wagered on the game but when you bet you get the number posted on the board.

European style of spread betting uses two numbers for a game wager. A spread between the two numbers is used for the favorite or underdog. When a game is listed as -4 points in the US market, the same game is listed as 3 to 5 points in spread betting. You can either buy the favorite at -5 or sell the dog at +3.

A slight variation in the posted numbers but a big difference in how the payout or winnings is calculated.

The advantages of European style of spread betting is a greater all around betting experience, with more variety, more markets and more in-play or live betting. During a live game, you have the option to close bets to take a profit or limit losses. You also have options to back a team or individual to perform well or badly.

Spread betting is not as risky as you might think. Spread betting, like all forms of betting, is only as risky as you want it to be by controlling your bet size. By controlling the size of your stake, you are controlling how much risk you are willing to endure. A Stop Loss account is a good way of controlling the perceived risk of spread betting.

Every bet you place has a maximum win and loss applied and it correlates directly with the betting stake you choose.

Check this latest future betting with spread spread format listed for Super Bowl 52. It is called Super Bowl 52 Outright Index with all 32 teams posted. Here are the top five teams.

  • New England Patriots ————- buy at 50, sell at 47
  • Green Bay Packers —————– buy at 31, sell at 28
  • Pittsburgh Steelers —————— buy at 31, sell at 28
  • Seattle Seahawks ——————- buy at 31 , sell at 28
  • Dallas Cowboys ——————— buy at 26, sell at 29
  • The winner of Super Bowl 52 receives 100 points, The runner up receives 70 points.
  • Loser of AFC or NFC Conference game receives 50 points.
  • Loss Division receives 33 points. The Wild Cards receive 20 points.

Possible results for the Super Bowl Index betting market are as follows. If you buy the Patriots at 50 and they win it all, you receive 100 minus 50 and calculates at 50 times your bet — a $50 bet returns $2500 (50 x 50). If you sell the Patriots at 47 you would lose 53 times your bet —- loss is $2650 (100 – 47 is 53). Your account would have to have at least $2650 to cover a possible loss if the Patriots win the Super Bowl again.

If the Patriots lose the Super Bowl, you receive 70 points minus the 50 equals a $1000 win (70 – 50 = 20 times your $50 bet). If you feel the Patriots will fall off a little and not get to the Super Bowl, then you would sell your position at 47. If the Patriots lose the AFC Championship games you receive 50 minus your 47 sell bet equals a 3 times your money bet ($50 bet x 3 = $150 profit).

A division loss by the Patriots would provide 33 points for a loss of $700 if you sell at 47 with your $50 bet (47 minus 33 = 14 times bet loss). A Wild Card is 20 points for a $1350 loss (47 minus 20 = 27 times a $50 bet loss). These calculations are part of the lucrative payouts on the winning side and become easier to figure the more you practice with the numbers.

Sports betting is about the numbers and this format is more sophisticated than fixed betting and are just basic math calculations.