Betting the NFL Live Option


How to bet on NFL games is a process most bettors analyze during the week when new lines come out for Sunday`s action. But have you noticed most off-shore books have a “live betting” category for those wanting to hedge their picks? Betting the NFL games after they start is the latest trend of options available to hedge your original bet or limit your perceived losses. Even some of the Las Vegas books are starting to offer variables called “In Game Running” to those who have an account with that Sports Book. The account can use the books online intranet closed system with their downloadable app on a computer or smart phone from anywhere inside Nevada only. The account also works when you log-in at the sports book terminal connected to a screen monitor.

How to bet on NFL games is hard enough without more options to consider. But if you have a strategy to follow, live betting can be very beneficial. There are times when you can lock-in a winning bet when the money lines change during the live betting process. An example is betting the ML (money line) on SF 49ers at +130 to win over the LA Rams on Monday night — a credible bet.  Here are some highlights from that game:

When SF was up 7 in the first quarter the Rams moved from a ML favorite at -150 to a ML dog at +140. If you bet the 49ers at +130 for a buck ($100) before the game started and bet the Rams after the game started on the Live betting board for a buck at +140 you locked in a winning bet in the first quarter. When you can get a plus ML on two teams playing each other, you cannot lose! You can either make $30 or $40 on the winning team. Sure, you don`t make as much money as you wanted but why turn down a sure thing — no risk and guaranteed profit.

When in doubt, wait for the game to start and get a better feel and watch odds changing during the live betting posts that update frequently. It is a fast paced process with changing numbers after an interception, fumble or big play. Be ready to place your live bet when you get your number. Remember, this is an optional tool to use if you want the excess action. If you are confident with your game bet, sit back and root home a winner.

Betting the NFL live option can be a little more stimulating than a straight bet before the game starts. You usually sit through the agony or the joy of watching your team perform. You have no options unless you use the live betting format available — if any. Half-time betting is OK but those numbers are usually pretty sharp and expensive.

How to bet on the NFL is a selective choice and live betting allows you to limit your losses if your game choice is not going your way. You can bail out of your position and cut your expected losses by 50% or more. When you bet a game on the under and a special teams quick touchdown gives you ulcers, wait for a decent live number and go over even if the scoring stops. Your under bet is too risky to wait on. Get out while you can without much damage. Move on to another game day and limit your bad decisions. It happens to all of us. Learn to use live betting only when necessary.

What were betting the NFL week one surprises? There were none. Usually week one has some upsets and uncommon results. Not this year. The teams that were supposed to win were victorious. The TB Bucs were a slight underdog in Atlanta at +3 but not a real upset. The same with the Carolina Panthers in Denver. I did learn that the KC Chiefs have the ability to come from behind in a second half rally. How they beat SD Chargers in OT was a new fact about their team after falling behind 21 to 3 in first half. They made a statement.

Some teams were right back at last year’s problems — lack of defense or just plain inept like the Cleveland Browns. Not much defense in the Raiders Saints game but entertaining and a good over bet. Indy Colts can put up numbers but soft at stopping anybody. So these week one games were close to par. Who will surprise us in week 2? Wait and see. Betting the NFL is finally here. What a beautiful thing!! Good luck.