Betting Beyond the NFL Spread

  NFL statistics are numbers and parts of the betting selection process Why do most sports bettors analyze games with so much information overload that they lose sight of the overall direction of the game?  The parts that are constantly used to uncover some relevant edge are grouped into a statistical pool of numbers and […]

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Betting the NFL Live Option

How to bet on NFL games is a process most bettors analyze during the week when new lines come out for Sunday`s action. But have you noticed most off-shore books have a “live betting” category for those wanting to hedge their picks? Betting the NFL games after they start is the latest trend of options […]

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NFL Betting System

NFL betting is the number one sport in terms of handle at the Las Vegas books. Some estimates conclude as much of 50% of the action in Vegas comes in on NFL betting. One way to ensure that you’ll be one of the millions of suckers who gets their butt handed to them this season […]

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