Losing Bets is an Occupational Hazard of Sports Betting

Losing sports bets is just part of the occupation you work at to prosper. The occupational hazard of a bar owner is drinking. Drugs is an occupational habit for most rock star bands. Sports betting is no different.

When your poker hand losses to a higher full-house than your full boat, it is a burn but you had no choice. You played your cards like a pro but a loss is a loss. Do you fold a great hand because you might lose —-never. A bad beat is something you cannot control. Fate and destiny are powerful words that appear when you least expect it — sometimes good or bad.

Sports betting will eat you up if you cannot stand losing. Once you realize it is inevitable, you toss it aside for another day. You cannot avoid it but you can minimize your risk with discipline and money management skills.

Your temperament and attitude toward winning and losing should remain on an even keel. You will feel good on a 5 or 6 game winning streak but do not let it go to your head. A hot streak is a nice high for the bettor but you should not change your style. A losing streak will subside if you let it without chasing those losing bets. Doubling up after wins or losses is a receipt for disaster in the long run.

In a down period, it’s easy to get frustrated, angry, and depressed. You can feel really disappointed in how you are betting and can feel helpless to change it. You may want to just give up. But none of these feelings will help you to get out of the down period and return to a high level of play. This is a skill that makes the successful bettors reach those long term profits. They have enough experience to control the family problems of sports betting and how it might affect your friends and family.

They keep the down period in perspective, knowing that it’s a natural and expected part of sports. This attitude takes the pressure off to rush back to a higher level of play (which actually keeps you in the hole longer) and keeps you from getting too upset. It also enables you to stay positive and motivated. Good bettors look for the cause of their slump and then find a solution.

If you maintain this attitude toward the ups and downs of sport betting, your down periods won’t last as long and you’ll more quickly swing back to an up period.

There are also benefits to losing that will ultimately enable you to win more. Losing provides you with information about your progress. It shows you what you’re doing well and what you need to improve. Losing shows you what does not work, which helps you identify what works best. Losing also teaches you how to respond positively to adversity, persevere in the face of setbacks, and be patient in your betting style.

Rather than becoming discouraged by losing, you should focus on how it will help you identify the best wagers on the board.

The best way to to justify losing games is to compare the percentages between profits and losses. A 10 year kid can pick team A or team B. Standard betting is comprised of two choices. A 50% chance of winning or losing. Sports bettors that hit 55% of their bets are ahead of the game with small profits. Winning at 58% to 60% is about the best anybody can do over the long run and very profitable. The return on investment or units won is the ultimate measuring stick for success. Where else can you lose 40% to 45% of your investment and still come out on top. Sports betting is where it happens.