How to Bet Sports Online if Legalized in the US

The basic process for placing a sports wager is quite straightforward. It involves deciding on which wager to place and how much is your bet stake. The bookmaker keeps the stake if the wager loses or pays out if it wins. This process is the same when betting online compared to any other way. A bookmaker is still setting the odds, taking the wagers, and paying out the winnings.

The only significant difference is that everything is done on the internet rather than over the telephone or in person. You just need to have an account with a sports betting site or online bookmaker and have funds in that account to bet with. You can then log in to your account, find the wagers you want to place, and put your money on that specific wager(s). Regular bookies will extend credit and settle up at the end of the week. Betting online requires a deposit upfront before any betting.

How to bet online from the United States when a legalized law is passed by the courts

If you live in the United States then you could be forgiven for having some concerns about betting online. The legal situation relating to all forms of online gambling is decidedly unclear, and is ambiguous that the laws vary from one state to the next. Federal level legislation is somewhat confusing unless you live in Nevada, a state where sports betting is explicitly legal and regulated. Sportsbooks offer their own private online betting application for smartphone users.

It is extremely unlikely that a US resident would get arrested just for using a gambling site. They are not really aimed at people who gamble online but rather at the companies that provide gambling services. Unfortunately, this does mean that many of the leading sites have decided not to accept US customers. Some off-shore online sites located in Costa Rica and other island legal havens will accept US Customers. They claim legal jurisdiction and will process new accounts.

How to open an online account

Once you have selected a site to use, the next step is to open an account. Most sites display a “Join Now” or “Create Account” button somewhere obvious on their home page. This will bring up a registration form that you have to complete with some personal information.

The information required will vary from one site to another, but it is a standard profile request. Your name, date of birth, address and email address along with your preference for user name and password.

Deposit funds

You need some money in your account before you can start placing bets, so you have to go through a deposit process. This is very simple at most sites, and it generally only takes a few moments. There is usually a “Deposit” or “Cashier” somewhere on display when you log in to your account. Clicking on that will give you access to the various banking options available for depositing funds.

Deposit banking options

  • Debit card —- usually requires a copy of card
  • Credit card —- copy of card
  • Neteller —- not available for US residents yet
  • Skrill —- not available for us residences
  • Money Gram —- receive instructions from site
  • Western Union —- instructions where to send
  • Check —- takes up to 10 days to credit your account
  • Bank wire —- higher fees and longer time


Depending on your site selection, deposits need to be verified for first time users with a copy upload of identity with license or banking card used for funded deposit. Each site varies a little and approval times can be from 10 minutes up to 48 hours. These security measures are needed for compliance regulations and require a little patience. Once you are established, the betting experience is smooth and without delay. Once you have selected your preferred method, you will have to enter all the relevant payment details along with the amount you wish to deposit.

How to place a wager

With a funded account you are ready to start placing wagers. The exact process for this varies depending on which site you use, but the basic principle is essentially the same at all of them. Navigating the site to find the relevant betting markets that interest you is run by user friendly software.

Selecting your chosen wagers and entering how much you want to risk is very transparent and verified by you.

A lot of sites will automatically display a selection of events, lines, or wagers when you log in. These could be major upcoming events or any games due to start soon. Most sites display a list of the sports covered by scrolling down the drop box. Clicking on a sport will open a page with the time and schedule of betting markets for that sport.

After confirming your wagers, your account balance will be reduced by your risk amount bet. Any winning payout are credited back to your account balance. Winning can be withdrawn or left in your account which most bettors do until a withdrawal is needed.

Advantages of betting online

We only have so much energy to use per day before we are exhausted and need some sleep. If we waste our energy on trivial activities, we will not have enough energy for the important tasks on our busy schedule.

Online sportsbooks have the potential to save sports bettors time and energy. Consider what an average trip to the casino is like. You walk out of your house to your car. You drive to the casino. You park your car in a faraway parking garage. You walk to the casino. You walk to the sportsbook inside of the casino. You walk to the bathroom. You walk to get some food. You walk back to find your car in a vast sea of vehicles. You drive all the way home. You walk back into your house.

This energy wasting can be avoided by betting online. The great thing about the internet is no driving is involved, no looking for parking spots and no excessive amounts of walking. You can sit at your computer, log into your account, and make the bets. Sportsbooks are great places to meet up with other bettors in a festive atmosphere. Some are over crowded  with long betting lines.

A few visits per week is fine but sports bettors need an everyday access point to check lines and bet if you like a game. Most sportsbooks have an online gambling application to download on your smartphone. You need to visit your sportsbook to open an account, deposit or withdraw funds for their online application which only works within Nevada state lines.

The legal venue within Nevada is great but not many bettors want to move to Vegas or Reno. Off-shore online betting sites fill the gap for sports bettors outside of Nevada to bet whenever they want. There are very credible online sites with user friendly software and bonus promotions. It is a safe and sound platform to trust with your money in a discreet manner with no reporting to any government.

How to be part of this betting experience

Sports betting has been a very popular form of gambling for many years. Its popularity has increased over recent years, primarily because the internet has made it possible to bet  sports online. The introduction of online gambling sites has made a significant impact on the betting industry. It made placing wagers on sports events easier and more convenient than ever before. Research on data analysis is available for better information purposes.

Gambling sites have improved the overall betting experience in many ways. Sports betting enthusiasts decided to move from traditional betting methods such as telephone based services and bookmaking shops. They use the more convenient option of placing their wagers on the web. There is a whole new generation of betting fans who have been attracted by everything that online sports betting offers.

Some people are somewhat wary of putting their money online and placing wagers in this way. This is usually a lack of understanding and how everything works. They get nervous  because they do not really know what to expect. Others worry about finding safe and reputable places to bet. When the legal cloud is removed by court order someday, people will feel more inclined to bet on their favorite teams. The technology behind online betting sites is improved enough to give bettors a sense of trust and compliance.

Sports betting markets will cross continents with an open legal structure on a global scale. Learning how to access these world markets will only require a high speed internet connection which is available in most countries. Funding your account will be quick and easy through third party providers such as Neteller.

Legalization in the US is the pivotal shift of the sports betting industry to expand its customer base. Great Britain is waiting on the US courts to legalize sports betting so they can offer their betting sites to US customers. England has legal sports betting in shops and online with a very sophisticated array of betting opportunities. They provide the major US sports with different betting formats called spread betting and betting exchanges.

A legal and structured world betting market is the future of sports betting. Learning to use these market platforms is a winning situation for betting operators and sports bettors everywhere.