How Can Sports Betting Be a Profitable Investment

Sports betting appeals to the smart bettor because it does not have a fixed house edge for the casinos. Sports betting requires more skill than luck and is similar to live poker. You do not win every time but the skilled handicapper has a huge advantage over the recreational bettor. How sports betting can be […]

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Vegas Books Offer New Fantasy Sports Betting Format

Most Las Vegas Sports Books now offering a unique fantasy sports betting system. USFantasy Sports offers a menu of skilled fantasy sports contests in football, basketball, hockey, baseball, MMA, boxing, golf and NASCAR. You can now bet at your favorite Vegas Sports Book on a pari-mutual style of betting similar to horse racing with same […]

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Is There a Weakness in the Sports Book Opening Line ?

The latest news from Las Vegas Sports Books operations is very gloomy. Sports Book operators are reporting major losses from the college football championship and the NFL playoffs. Their opening line on the Clemson/Alabama championship game was posted at -6.5 to – 7 points on the favorite Alabama. In hindsight, this was their first mistake […]

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