Spotlighting XWIN: The Next Big Blockchain-Based Betting Platform

We’ve touched on the basics of blockchain technology in sports betting in our series, Betting with Blockchain. We even listed a number of blockchain-based betting platforms in Part 3 of that series. From Edgeless, to BetterBetting, to EtherSport, to WinFlow, the options for crypto-based sports betting seem to be limitless and chances are there’s no […]

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Betting with Bitcoin (Part 3)

In Part 2 of our Betting with Bitcoin series, we discussed prospects for the future of cryptos and bitcoin-based sports betting in 2018 and why, despite recent market fluctuations, crypto-based betting is still a safe and smart bet heading into the future. This was one of the main takeaways: Bettors looking to cut out the middle man, […]

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