How to Bet Using Online Sports Betting Markets

The online off-shore sports betting markets are waiting for a legal ruling from the US courts. A big question mark remains and a decision by the Supreme Court in October could open the doors to US bettors. How to bet and use online sports betting markets is a lesson for sports bettors to improve their betting opportunities.

Global Sports Betting Markets

The global sports betting markets are more sophisticated and accessible to the average sports bettors. Betting markets have an extensive reach connecting to internet companies serving worldwide demand. These markets are produced and owned by well known international companies listed on various stock exchanges.

The anti – gambling laws enacted by the US Government could soon be reversed if the US Supreme Court rules in favor of the New Jersey sports betting case. If the legal status is favorable, the sports betting industry will expand with more legal online betting opportunities. How to use and bet with the online betting markets is a tutorial course worth learning.

Betting Market Systems were Created to Serve Millions of People in many Countries

The online off-shore sports betting markets are illegal in the US but some will take US bettors. Off-shore is a betting jurisdiction outside the legal geographical limits of US laws. The main licensed off-shore betting countries are Costa Rica, Curacao, Antigua, Panama and other island countries.

The major European market is Great Britain where online sports betting is legal. In the future, these jurisdictions will probably have limited legal rights to US bettors.These off-shore online betting operators are well run services with very good betting options for your betting strategy.

What to Expect from Online Sportsbooks and their User Friendly Betting Software

How to open an account and learn the user friendly betting software is a non technical learning curve many beginners can understand. Creating an account and the deposit options are becoming easier with better security features. Most new online bettors will feel comfortable with the better online sportsbooks.

The online sports betting format is superior to any Las Vegas sportsbook. Online betting has better odds with more options for live betting with fingertip control. When betting online becomes legal someday, you should be ready to use and understand this format above anything else.

Sports Betting Online Systems Produce New Markets for Bettors

Online sports betting from different world markets opens a new global betting opportunity for sharp bettors and recreational bettors. US bettors are programmed to accept Vegas style fixed odds betting. Other global online betting formats use a combination of fixed odds, betting exchanges and European style spread betting unlike US spread betting terminology — the difference is noted in a previous blog here.

Exchange betting matches bettors against each other like a poker game. The house exchange takes a small percentage of each play. Instead of winning or losing to a sportsbook, you are exchanging funds with other bettors. The exchange regulates and operates the action among bettors.

Their betting lines are the same as Las Vegas lines but lower dollar vigorish that bettors can offer to other bettors. You can become the book or take the bets offered. If you offer an NFL bet at -107, another bettor might offer it at -105. You are risking reduced juice than the standard -110. Bettors will save $5 to $20 on a losing bet based on a $100 play. Your winnings will be higher by betting the dog at +130 instead of +120.

If you are making 10 to 20 bets each week, the savings add up over the season. If you lose a bet, your account balance is reduced by the money bet and transferred to the winning player. You will get higher odds with your underdog bet. A dog bet listed at +120 in Vegas will probably be listed at +130 on an exchange to get your action and book your bet.

You can win more and lose less on an exchange betting format. It gives you the best of both worlds. Losing is not as painful and winning is more profitable.

The betting exchange is the middleman that connects you with fellow bettors. Their revenue comes from a small commission on each bet (about 2%) and are interested in volume betting. The exchange software creates a seamless easy integration. However, large bettors will have problems finding enough of the betting pool offered to fill their bet amount.

They might consider being the book to fill the small bettor requests. There are always bettors who like the opposite side of what you like — a difference of opinion exists on all sporting events as you know !

Learn How to Use European Sports Spread Betting Markets

When the online sports betting world opens up to US bettors, many more betting options become available. Spread betting sites like Sporting Index and Betfair are the dominate betting operators in the European sports betting markets.

Spread betting is different from the fixed odds betting in the US. Fixed odds betting is usually identified as the line or the spread in the US. The spread betting format used in European markets has a two number spread. It is based on the fixed number spread coming from the Vegas books. Here are some varying factors to compare systems.

  • spread betting is a prediction of various sporting events with two spread numbers to buy or sell (favorite or dog)
  • the payout is based on the accuracy of the wager
  • the amount you may win or lose is based on how right or how wrong you are
  • profit or loss is determined by the final score difference multiplied by your stake or bet amount compared to the posted prediction
  • the more right you are the more you win ; the more wrong you are the more you lose
  • requires more time to learn and comprehend this unique format but much more exciting and speculative than fixed odds betting in the US

Online spread betting in Europe (mostly Great Britain) is much more intricate and creative beyond anything else available. It does require more time, more research and better handicapping skills than standard betting. You will be very amused by the creative input from this format and the overall software implementation.

You can get confused by all the offers which are many but you will grasp the best options you like after learning the software. One option bet listed is where you can win between 50 and 100 times your money. It is an NFL first half score times second half score. It is not some obscure 100 to 1 shot but happens every Sunday on certain games.

Other betting options have their own terminology with a high risk reward associated with spread betting. These include the betting options and how to find your edge with the following markets listed below.

  • supremacy markets — based on team final score difference
  • total points — similar to over under but with various payouts
  • touchdown shirt numbers — performance points from players
  • handicap — if your team covers the spread, you receive up to 12 times your bet
  • win index — based on team performance and points scored
  • multi points —- based on first half points times second half points
  • other specialty markets similar to proposition bets

Learning how to bet these other off-shore operations will increase your knowledge and uncover other profitable ways to wager. Las Vegas style betting (fixed odds) is not the only sports betting format in our global betting society. The new ways to wager and new formats are an upcoming legal platform for bettors to join.

A modern updated version to the sports betting industry is part of the tech revolution that is transforming this multi-billion dollar market.

US Online Sports Betting Sites are the Future of States Rights

New Jersey is the first state to appeal the ban on sports betting and is waiting a decision from the US Supreme Court. Connecticut , California, Maryland and other states want to increase state revenue if New Jersey is successful.

Nevada has a monopoly on legal sports betting and will be the leading example for other states to follow. Las Vegas has the top sports betting markets in the world. Their high quality casino sportsbooks are a bettors delight. The books offer their online betting apps for anyone located inside the Nevada state borders.

Many books draw huge crowds during football season and know how to treat their betting customers. A great experience for other states to copy. Nobody can replicate Las Vegas but Indian casinos can install a sports betting area to attract more bettors. States can offer their own online sports betting apps with a regulated legal structure.

Legal Online Sports Betting is a Future Activity for Fun and Profit

Legal online sports betting for US bettors is coming to a state near you. How to create an account and place bets requires some help from a sports data analytics provider using computer software. Sports betting is data driven by results simulation seen here.

Computer analytics is the edge you need to verify your betting knowledge and intuition. Online sportsbooks are at your fingertips for serious bettors or recreational bettors. They want to make it easy for you to login and bet. Even if you do not have time, a little research is not hard to find. More handicapping time equals better results.

How to Increase Your Winning Percentages When You Learn the Ropes

How to learn the online betting opportunities from home on your computer is good for the brain. Stimulation and the challenge refreshes your life if you use it in moderation. When you have access to different betting formats, hedging or arbitrage does present a betting strategy for better winning percentages.

Payouts from European spread betting can surpass fixed odds bets in US. Same teams playing but middles and differences do occur — it is up to you to find these little profitable games and increase your winning percentage. Hedging your bets between online betting formats across platforms is the future of sports betting success.

Legalized and open betting markets for all sports bettors is a future investment platform like stocks and bonds. Learning these emerging markets is your choice for success !