Betting on Double Digit Spreads in NBA


The NBA is one of the most popular leagues for those who bet on sports. The betting action the NBA generates depends on team match ups and point spread. The point total line or over/under number is also an integral part of an NBA betting strategy.

The starting point for handicapping the total line starts with a team’s scoring potential and the average points allowed. Certain teams can score many points a night, but rank high in average points allowed. How to put these stats in situational match ups and lay the 10 to 14 points is when you see a 20 point plus rout by the superior team.

Double digit NBA spreads are more common in the NBA when match ups are uneven.

Season scoring averages are good for finding these match ups along with a team’s current form. Even an average team will play through cycles of scoring more than their average scoring. Betting trends will surface for a short time but the best teams only slump briefly.

There are certain statistics that are important for handicapping the total line beyond points scored and points allowed. The offensive efficiency and defensive efficiency per 100 possessions is the yardstick for how well a team performs. These stats show a consistency of pace and measures high or low scoring potential.

When the game schedule match ups reveal an uneven statistic, laying a double digit number is a profitable bet.

There are other factors for handicapping NBA totals and double digit spreads. Injuries, fatigue level, travel schedule and motivation are hidden sources of information to consider. If your top scorer is out, you need to adjust or simply pass on these games.

Fatigue levels happen during a long road trip or by playing four games in six nights. The second half of the regular season is more prone to teams tanking games because of fatigue on defense. This will lead to some high-scoring blowouts where the total number and double digit spread go way over in a mismatch.

Betting on the underdog is part of the sports betting culture if the value of the betting spread is in your favor. This is true with other sports but not in the NBA. There are some huge disparities in talent when it comes to teams in the NBA which has large spreads every week. Betting on NBA double digit favorites is not as risky as you think as the top teams can overwhelm the lower tier NBA teams.