Are NFL Draft Props Worth a Wager

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With the NFL draft selection scheduled to start April 27, the Nevada Gaming Board has approved a betting format on the NFL draft process. For many fans waiting to see how their teams pick players, a lot of second guessing and speculation is part of the secret drama surrounding the event.

To make things even more interesting, you can wager on certain proposition bets in Nevada up to one day before the draft starts.

The draft will bring more excitement for the Nevada sports books who have received permission to accept wagers on the draft for the first time. This is typical of Nevada and Las Vegas to find additional things to bet on with the NFL draft being a big drawing card. A series of propositional bets, which are unique wagers based on a specific outcome, are being listed at a few sports books while others will decide later. The Wynn sports book has decided not to take action and skip this new betting format.

Bettors will not be able to bet on which players will be chosen as individual player bet options are not included in the 17 betting prop offers. Some major book operators said they are conducting more research about the draft but noted how risky the props can be without knowing everything going on behind closed doors. Books are wondering how NFL teams will react to their needs on the field and guessing what other teams are considering or could trades happen to throw things off balance. A lot of variables to handicap before putting a betting line on the board. The sports books are required to stop accepting wagers by the close of business on April 26, the day before the draft begins in Philadelphia.

William Hill, which runs more than 100 books in Nevada, is taking bets on 10 of the 17 possible prop bets.

The Westgate Superbook may post a handful of those that will be popular with bettors. The decision to pick and choose those prop bets is something the books will refine to their liking. They will not venture too far out of the box with difficult props to put a price on and be comfortable with that number.

Are there a few props worth betting on and why. College football fits close to the NFL crown since college players are the future of an NFL playoff team. This is the time of year for NFL teams to find a hidden gem — like Dak Prescott — and get the best pick possible for a future impact player from the college ranks.

Props bets have a worded structure to think twice about before seeing any value. Some bets to consider are listed below from William Hill.

> What round will the first placekicker be taken. Odds are -110 for first 3 rounds and -120 for rounds 4 through 7. As a note, only 2 placekickers have been chosen in the first 3 rounds since 2001.

Number of quarterbacks selected in the first round: Over 3.5 is -150, Under 3.5 is -110.

Number of Alabama players selected in the first round: Over 4.5 is -140, Under 4.5 is +120.

Number of LSU players selected in the first round: Over 2.5 is +110, Under 2.5 is -130.

Number of SEC players selected in the first round: Over 11.5 is +110, Under 11.5 is -120.

Number of running backs taken in the first round: Over 2.5 is -160, Under 2.5 is +140.

How many sports books will list any props at all and which books will participate in this new draft betting format remains to be determined. Some are up and running right now. Only a few will opt out like the Wynn book but most will provide lines for their bettors and follow the action. If the handle is decent and the books get a 15% hold or higher, they will be satisfied and promote it next year with specials on food and drink.