NFL Teams Keeping Active in the Off Season

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The NFL is a year round business with more changing news information than most other sports. Even in the off-season, NFL teams continue to evolve and plan ahead for the future.

The NFL revolving door syndrome has more types of decisions happening in the off-season than in season. Each team is looking for an advantage to next season by staying active in all parts of an NFL franchise business operation.

The NFL is the number one betting sport by far and each off-season move is important news for bettors and the general public.

Some of the most talked about speculation revolves around players first and then league news with rule changes, schedule updates, owner meetings, college draft and other ongoing rumors and proposals.

The main topic is player movement news and possible trades that become “heated” rumors. Tony Romo seems to be the hot topic and where he is headed. Would the Cowboys be comfortable with sending Romo to a divisional rival like the Washington Redskins. Is it absurd speculation feeding the NFL rumor mill. Does Washington QB Cousins want out of Washington or would he like to play in San Francisco. Does Denver have an interest in Romo ? When all is said and done is it likely that Romo is flat out released.

Actual moves taking place in real time and not speculation are well known players being cut or to put it mildly, veterans players being released. The Jets have cleared $46 million in cap space room with big proven players being released. Apparently, the Jets are cleaning house. Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold and Brandon Marshall were all starting impact players in the league.

The Jets claim that the recent Revis arrest was no factor in his release and explanations are slim at times.

Moving on from three top players is a gamble especially in the defensive backfield were Revis was considered a prime time player. All three will probably get roles with other teams. A rebuilding project is delicate with the draft and how to stay competitive with new players. Perception and reality are sometimes far apart and getting to a 500 winning percentage is a goal when rebuilding a team.

NFL players are becoming free agents and being linked to various teams. Some of these free agents could have a big impact on a team`s success. NFL teams are trying to free up cap space like the Jets. Free agency is official on March 9th and more activity follows who makes a move. This is a big market and teams are competing in the front office with evaluation charts and back door deals.

There will be surprises and disappointments for fans following their favorite teams. When the dust settles, the results will be in question until next season. There are more misses than hits but the bottom line is wins and losses. A few teams will get lucky in the draft like Dallas did with Prescott and Elliot but every draft year is different and picking highly talented people for your team is a long shot search.

Those teams who can compensate the right player within their budget will make progress. Team loyalty is a thing of the past but some free agents will leave the door open to return to their previous team.

NFL activity in the off-season is more concentrated for the front office having to deal with free agency and the draft — the two most important ingredients for success. A huge workload for all involved and important decisions to be made with a lot of moving parts.