NBA Season Opens Big



NBA big men are becoming more relevant with each new season. Teams were so concerned with perimeter defense against the 3 point shot, big men are now getting more touches. This return to a center style of play is a good sign for NBA teams to follow.

The novelty of 3 point shooters has become too pervasive and dependent. It is still needed to win games but it lacks the older style of the NBA game. The return of the big man center play will create more balanced teamwork.

Some of the big men are shot blocking defenders, smart assist men, athletic and get the needed rebounds. They differ from the old style center with more strength, select moves and quick tempo. A versatile big man is needed for teams to compete against the league and get closer to parity. The NBA needs more teams with better records to keep it interesting. There is disparity imbalances across the league that need adjustments. See knicks big man:

A drawback to parity is the time needed for growth development. Most good rookies do not adjust out of college. It usually takes a few seasons to make an impact — if they stay injury free.

The NBA has become a fast league with the 24 second clock. The speed and flow of some point guards is too much for some teams. Do fans want a frantic uptempo game with dunks and turnovers or a more controlled tempo with smart choices and skilled play. The NBA should consider a 30 second clock to let teams play a smart style of great passing and teamwork.

Let the big men set up in the paint and show their skills and ability at both ends of the court. Guard play will still control the pace of the game but the center position needs to be re-established. Fans miss the skyhook from Jabbar, the finger roll from Wilt, the fancy footwork from Hakeem Olajuwon and the sheer power of Shaq. These are days gone by and are sorely missed. A big man resurgence is part of the NBA legacy.