MLB Teams that will Reshuffle their Decks and Discard Players

Betting MLB

Betting MLB

After two plus months into the MLB season, some teams are already facing a roster reshuffle and looking to discard a losing hand. While teams such as the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals have October in their sights, there are teams who will make changes this season and restructure their rosters.

With tight races in the National League West and American League East, and still relevant races playing out in the NL and AL Central, there is close competition around the game this year.

As a result, the buy and sell market is beginning to take shape. There are teams in the position of having to either remain neutral and stay the course or decide on changes.

Here are a two teams that are trying to decide on changes or how best to keep going or see what other teams are doing.

Chicago White Sox players on the block: Jose Quintana, Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Nate Jones, Melky Cabrera.

Chicago was very active during the off-season with the blockbuster deals of Chris Sale and Adam Eaton, which netted them one of the most impressive prospect hauls in return talent. However, the White Sox still have plenty of very useful talents on board that will keep their phones ringing until the trade deadline and beyond.

Jose Quintana could potentially be the most sought-after player over the next two months, as he is likely the most obtainable top arm in the game in a year when there is a lack of such options available. Likewise, closer David Robertson is unquestionably the top closer that could be ready to ride in a market where there is a void for that needed final out from the pen. Both Robertson and setup man Nate Jones could be highly sought after by a number of contenders, especially the Washington Nationals. The Nats tried but failed to engage Robertson during the winter and continue to have a huge wound in their long-term potential this summer due to their bullpen issues.

Otherwise, the White Sox also have the a few post-non-waiver trade options as well in Frazier and Cabrera, who fit the mold as prototypical August additions. Although they would add far less in return than the team’s top arms would, getting something is better than nothing, especially in the case of the free agent-to-be Frazier.

Detroit Tigers players on the block: J.D. Martinez, Ian Kinsler, Francisco Rodriguez

For the second straight year, the Tigers are stuck in the middle of the AL Central and underneath a pile of big-money veteran contracts.

In addition, their years of competition and draft pick sacrifice due to signing big-tag free agents have left their prospect reserves nearly empty as youthful, energetic talent is hard to come by if you are not rebuilding for the future.

They find themselves now at a crossroads in the direction of the franchise, unable to become absolute sellers, but also in need of injecting some life into the organization in a season where it is hard to predict. Yet at the same time, they are not totally out of the mix in a wide-open AL Central and have rarely played at full strength to see if they can stay within striking distance.

Management will have to decide to make a move at some point, and the best value in return would be Martinez, a proven young hitter who would receive the type of prospect-rich return the club needs. Martinez is headed toward free agency and the Tigers have already stated they cannot pick up any further substantial contracts currently. If the club truly moves out of contention in July, it could make sense to move Kinsler, who is will be a free agent and the type of veteran bat that could help multiple contenders with added offense.