What is Live Betting and How to Profit From It

  How to bet on NFL games is a process most bettors analyze during the week when new lines come out for Sunday`s action. Most off-shore books have a “live betting” category for those wanting to hedge their picks. Betting the NFL games after they start is the latest trend of available options to hedge […]

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What Is the Future of Sports Betting in 2020

  Computer algorithms are the next wave of computer programs being applied to sports betting. Sports betting has become a database of statistics and trends to follow with computer programs and algorithms for support. New insights and better analysis are  needed for success. What will the future of sports betting look like by 2020. Almost […]

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How to Bet Using Online Sports Betting Markets

The online off-shore sports betting markets are waiting for a legal ruling from the US courts. A big question mark remains and a decision by the Supreme Court in October could open the doors to US bettors. How to bet and use online sports betting markets is a lesson for sports bettors to improve their […]

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